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Alkins Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage - Toronto Real Estate

Does Size Matter?

When selecting a Toronto real estate company, does the size of the company matter?

Some buyers and sellers believe that using the services of a large real estate brokerage with a well-known name will help to sell their property more quickly. When, in fact, it is the individual agent that will help you and not the company’s name on the sign. So what would make one Toronto real-estate company better than another?

It is the service, commitment, product knowledge and experience a client recognizes.

Value vs. Perception

In many professional business practices such as law, health care, finance, etc., there are often associations of professionals in one location. Even though there may be many lawyers, doctors or financial advisors, you usually deal with one person. The same is true for real estate. What are you really getting when you hire a Toronto Real Estate brokerage? You basically have a service provider, whether that is an individual or a group of individuals (rare) to whom you are deemed as a client.

Toronto Real Estate Industry

In the old days, the idea was for clients to come away thinking that all the other salespeople in the company were collectively working to help them. In reality, the only salesperson looking out for their best interests was the one they chose to represent them.

Nowadays, when you call the offices of your lawyer, doctor or financial advisor, you get their voice mail or someone takes a message. They are not offering to look into your question or concern, but really are just passing it along to your specific service provider. Real estate is no different. There can be 50 salespeople in an office, but only the listing broker or buyer’s representative you are working with is going to be responsible to you. Recognize the Toronto real-estate industry for what it is.

If you want experience, expertise and good sound counsel, you can find it in any company whether large or small. We don’t think there is anything wrong with large associations of sales representatives in one firm. Our angle is for a more focused approach for our clients. We think there is indeed a valuable difference to our clients.

Your Toronto real estate is our business. Alkins Real Estate Ltd. builds relationships through quality service. Give us a call and let's talk about Toronto real estate.



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